Detailed results of SERVE-HF and their implications

‘Detailed results of SERVE-HF and their implications’ presented at the European Respiratory Society Congress (ERS) 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Speakers include:

  • Sleep-disordered breathing in heart failure, SERVE-HF results and beyond
    A. Simonds, London (UK) – RaphaĆ«l Heinzer, Lausanne (CH)
  • ASV impact on morbi-mortality and heart function
    M. Cowie, London (UK)
  • ASV compliance, impact on sleep & QoL
    H. Teschler, Essen (DE)
  • Learnings from the SERVE-HF PSG Core Lab
    P. Levy, Grenoble (FR)
  • Implication & perspective for sleep medicine, is there a room for ASV therapy after SERVE-HF?
    MP. d’Ortho, Paris (FR)

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