Pushing the Limits with Nanoknife®: A Promising New Technology in Localised Prostate Cancer Management

Caroline Charles,1 *Jean de la Rosette,2 *Mark Emberton3

1. Scilink Medical Writing, Saint-Pierre-d’Irube, France
2. Department of Urology, AMC University Hospital, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
3. Interventional Oncology, Division of Surgery and Interventional Science,  University College Hospital, London, UK
*Correspondence to j.j.delarosette@amc.uva.nl and mark.emberton@uclh.nhs.uk

Disclosure: M. Emberton has provided consultancy services to and received research funding from AngioDynamics Inc., SonaCare Inc., Sophiris Inc., Trod Medical, GSK, and Sanofi; and provided training for AngioDynamics Inc., and SonaCare Inc. J. de la Rosette is a consultant for AngioDynamics Inc.
Support: Funding for this article was provided by AngioDynamics.
Citation: EMJ Urol 2015;3[2]:90–102.

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