Torsion of Normal Adnexa in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy Mimicking Acute Appendicitis

*Mariam Mathew,1 Huda Al Ghaithi,2 Sumaiya Al Shukaili,2 Girija Shivrudraiah1

1. Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, Muscat, Oman
2. Obstetrics & Gynecology Resident, Oman Medical Specialty Board, Muscat, Oman
*Correspondence to

Disclosure: The authors have declared no conflicts of interest.
Acknowledgements: The authors acknowledge Dr Saparamadu Pam, Consultant Pathologist, for providing the histopathology images.
Received: 20.01.17 Accepted: 04.07.17
Citation: EMJ Repro Health. 2017;3[1]:54-56.


Maternal ovarian torsion in pregnancy is very rare. Non-specific symptoms, signs, and imaging findings make the diagnosis difficult. A delay in diagnosis can lead to irreversible damage to adnexa and fetal compromise. Difficulties encountered in the diagnosis and management of adnexal torsion in the third trimester of pregnancy are highlighted in this article.

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