Patient Insight and Treatment Expectations in Erectile Dysfunction

*Hartmut Porst

Private Institute of Urology, Andrology and Sexual Medicine, Hamburg, Germany.
*Correspondence to

Disclosure: Hartmut Porst is an Investigator, Speaker, and Consultant for Auxilium, Eli Lilly, Menarini/Berlin Chemie, and Sanofi.
Received: 11.01.16 Accepted: 29.03.16
Citation: EMJ. 2016;1[2]:34-41.


In the literature, a strong preference towards pharmacological management with oral phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors has been demonstrated in men with erectile dysfunction (ED) versus other methods. However, following pharmacological management, a large proportion of men with ED discontinue treatment prematurely. Therefore, a better understanding of the expectations from, and demands on modern ED management from both the patients and their partners is needed in order to identify factors that may improve outcomes, patient adherence, and patient satisfaction with therapy. Thus, we will present new findings on patient and partner satisfaction and preferences, and discuss how the current pharmacological armamentarium can answer these needs.

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