What do we mean by Innovation in Healthcare?

*Leighann Kimble,1 M. Rashad Massoud2

1. Healthcare Improvement Fellow, Quality & Performance Institute & Center for Human Services (CHS), University Research Co., LLC (URC), Maryland, USA
2. Director, USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems (ASSIST) Project & Senior Vice President, Quality & Performance Institute & Chief Medical and Quality Officer, University Research Co., LLC (URC), Maryland, USA
*Correspondence to lkimble@urc-chs.com

Disclosure: The authors have declared no conflicts of interest.
Received: 20.09.16 Accepted: 17.11.16
Citation: EMJ Innov. 2017;1[1]:89-91.


Just as in other modern industries, the term ‘innovation’ in healthcare has become associated with new developments in the field that allow for improvements in solving problems, in this instance, healthcare problems. This paper seeks to clarify what the term truly means. To address this issue, we first define innovation as a general term, then define what innovation means in the context of the healthcare industry. To better understand what may be considered ‘innovative’ in healthcare, we suggest criteria for innovation and identify potential challenges to newly introduced innovations in the field.

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