A Rejuvenation Therapy of Medical Needling and 3D-Matrixlift® is Safe and Improves the Elasticity of the Skin

*Hans-Ulrich Jabs

Private Practice for Functional Medicine, Cologne, Germany
*Correspondence to Praxis@dr-jabs.de

Disclosure: The author declares that he did not receive any support or funding for this article and that no potential conflicts of interest exist for the past 2 years.
Received: 08.07.15 Accepted: 25.09.15
Citation: EMJ Dermatol. 2015;3[1]:68-72.


The use of platelet-rich plasma and growth factors is emerging as an anti-ageing regimen for the skin. We tested the safety and efficacy of 3D-MatrixLift®, a new treatment regimen for skin rejuvenation that combines medical needling and the application of a stem cell and growth factor-rich solution with  irradiation by LED light. A total of 15 participants were enrolled in a single-centre, prospective pilot study. The elasticity parameters of the skin increased significantly after five rounds of treatment, with no signs  of adverse effects. 3D-MatrixLift improves the elasticity of the skin and can be used safely in combination with medical needling for skin rejuvenation.

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