Case Report: Double Orifice Mitral Valve with Cleft in Anterior Leaflet of Dominant Valve in an Afro-Caribbean

*Sandra Williams-Phillips

Andrews Memorial Hospital, Kingston, Jamaica
*Correspondence to

Disclosure: No potential conflict of interest.
Received: 27.08.13 Accepted: 23.06.14
Citation: EMJ Cardiol. 2014;2:71-77.


Double orifice mitral valve (DOMV) is a rare congenital mitral valve (MV) disorder. It is associated with other types of congenital heart disease in 45% of patients, but it has been documented to be isolated with or without noncompaction of the left ventricle. The focused features of this case report are the transthoracic echocardiographic images of an isolated case of DOMV, with an additional rare association of a cleft in the anterior leaflet of the dominant MV presenting as mitral regurgitation in a 13-year-old Afro-Caribbean female.

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