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Kim Cordell
Product Development Administrator, European Medical Journal

1With only a few days left of June, EMJ is taking this opportunity to look back at the awareness campaigns we have supported this month. June has not only seen support of awareness days, but has also played host to a range of awareness weeks.

Running from 5th–11th of June this year was Heart Rhythm Week. This was hosted by Arrhythmia Alliance, which strove to bring attention to ‘Identifying the Undiagnosed Person’, encourage members of the public to be pulse aware, and “take 10,000 pulse checks and identify 1,000 people with an irregular heart rhythm through 100 Know Your Pulse events.”1

Highlighted in the calendar from 11th–17th June was Diabetes Week. Organised by Diabetes UK, the association recognises that whilst the majority of people have a good understanding of diabetes and its treatment, there is still a high proportion of people who do not have this knowledge, and lack support to help them manage the condition better. The theme of this year’s awareness week was ‘Know Diabetes. Fight Diabetes’; Diabetes UK stated: “Our vision is a world where diabetes can do no harm. Together, we can make that a reality.”2 Encouraging members of the public to share their experiences with diabetes, Diabetes UK hopes this collective knowledge will help someone else with the condition as “we know that the right knowledge has the power to transform lives.”3

June has also seen Love Your Liver Week taking place between 19th and 25th June. Organised by the British Liver Trust, this awareness week looked to bring attention to risk factors associated with liver disease and improve earlier diagnosis and screening. “At the moment three-quarters of people are diagnosed in a hospital setting when for many it is already too late,”4 which is why the British Liver Trust uses this awareness week as an opportunity to shine the light on symptoms of liver disease.

Lastly, we hope you got ‘reddy’ in your brightest red items of clothing to support the British Heart Foundation’s annual ‘Wear it Beat it Day’ held on the 9th of June.  On this day, which is planted firmly in the calendar, the British Heart Foundation encourages members of the public to host fundraising events each year to help fund life-saving heart research.


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