Delaying School Start Times to Boost Adolescent Academic Performance

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Avery Rogers Sleep is becoming an increasingly scarce commodity, especially among adolescents. For a teenager to perform at maximum cognitive levels, sleep researchers recommend getting an average of 9 hours of sleep per night. Nonetheless, the average high school student in the USA gets about 7 hours of sleep perRead More

Prize Winners at the ESMO Annual Meeting 2016

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This year’s ESMO congress was hosted in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark. A city admired for being simultaneously traditional and modern, and certainly encapsulating the spirit of ESMO, where professionals from across the world can meet to exchange the details of up-to-the-minute research and fresh new ideas about bestRead More

Epstein-Barr Virus: Cholestasis, Hepatitis, Or Both?

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Dave Verkh International American University College of Medicine, International American University, Saint Lucia, West Indies Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), or more commonly known as the ‘kissing disease’ is seemingly unavoidable within the adolescent and teenage community. The infection usually begins with symptomology virtually identical to that of the common cold (rhinovirus),Read More

National Health Service’s 100,000 Genomes Project will Expand the Horizons of Genetic Research

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Kerys Martin Editorial Assistant, European Medical Journal @EMJKerys As innovation catalyses the potential for personalised medical diagnosis and treatment the English National Health Service (NHS) moves to embrace these notions in order to transform healthcare delivery for the benefit of the patients, society, and the economy. Amongst areas of innovationRead More

Healthcare Analytics in Bupa

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Jack Redden Reporter, European Medical Journal @EMGJackRedden At the ‘Big Data in Use’ conference held in London earlier this year, Nondas Sourlas, Director of Healthcare Analytics at Bupa, spoke about how the UK’s largest private medical insurer is using Big Data to improve healthcare. For the past 5 years, SourlasRead More

Prize Winners at the 52nd EASD Annual Meeting 2016

Prize Winners at the 52nd EASD Annual Meeting 2016

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The EASD Annual Meeting saw the presentation of several major prizes and research fellowships. In this section we introduce you to the distinguished recipients, providing an overview of their work, alongside details of the prizes themselves. Claude Bernard Lectureship The Claude Bernard Lectureship is the EASD’s highest honour. This medalRead More

Genome Project Launch

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Peter Grainger St. Mark’s Hospital Imagine When you are well, the last thing you have on your mind is your health. We all take feeling normal for granted. When we feel right, all is fine. When we feel fit, the world is rosy. A graze, a bump, or a fewRead More

How Social Media Makes Us #SeriousAcademics

How Social Media Makes Us #SeriousAcademics

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Maxine Mackintosh Chair of HealthTech Women UK; PhD student at Farr Institute Health Informatics, University College London, London, UK @Maxi_Macki Last week, the Guardian published an anonymous article titled: ‘I’m a serious academic, not a professional Instagrammer’.1 Our nameless author took us on a journey of distaste that covered theRead More

Innovation: The Innate Study of Anthropology and Other Liberal Sciences

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Akil Benjamin Business Design Partner, Comuzi, London, UK According to Merriam-Webster, innovation is: “the introduction of something new.” As we look into business with various companies however, they are looking more towards innovation to survive in our current ‘innovate or die’ era, rather than looking at ‘something new’. Innovation isRead More

Vital Lessons from Nigerian Mums on Diabetes

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*Paul Olusegun Adepoju Lecturer, Department of Medical Laboratory Science, Babcock University, Ogun state, Nigeria *Correspondence to “Paul, that sugar you are adding to your tea is too much,” said my mother as I added the fourth cube to my teacup. She would say the same thing when anyone around herRead More